The Analysis of Application Prospects for Handheld Mobile Pos

- Jul 27, 2018-

The Analysis of Application Prospects for handheld Mobile POS

With the large-scale renewal of financial IC cards, financial social security cards (collecting financial IC cards and social security cards), more IC card application scenarios will surely enter the lives of each of us, including ,but not limited to : Mobile safety check, test safety inspection, power safety inspection, environmental protection supervision, industrial and commercial tax health and safety inspection, social security inspection, traffic police enforcement, etc. Mobile smart cards or RFID applications have sprung up. The application of the handheld terminal must also enter a relatively hot development interface.

Mobile POS machines have obvious technical advantages compared with desktop All in one pos terminals in many project applications, due to their portable and portable nature. At present, many mobile POS machines have large-capacity rechargeable batteries, the standby time can reach three days or even more longer. At the same time, the read-sensing function integrates: second-generation certificate module, UHF electronic tag module, 2D bar code scan module, etc. It is equipped with a miniature camera, a small print head and a fingerprint sensor. The flexible integration of these multi-function modules will enable mobile POS machines to have more application scenarios.

In terms of operating system, many mobile POS machines also implement optional installation of Android and Windows CE, which makes the development of mobile POS machines more flexible.

However, Portable POS terminals will surely usher in the spring of large-scale application? I think that I can't be so optimistic, can't immediately conclude. Because many application scenarios can be easily realized by the diversified and flexible mobile APP and mobile WeChat applet. Nowadays, people are accustomed to using the mobile phone in their hands to gently scan the QR code to complete a variety of business functions including booking, payment, and registration.

In another case, there are some application scenarios that use fixed multimedia terminals to implement some popular interactive applications, including: booking, public rental, self-service processing. These convenient application solutions realize the perfect concept of running out and are one of the important scenes of future Internet and even IoT applications. With the powerful functions of ARM processors, the great improvement in performance, and the popularity of Android system application development, the cost of embedded motherboards will decline, and these factors will promote the large-scale promotion of such fixed terminal applications. Maybe in a few years, we really don't rely on the phone in hand, especially when we have no power or no grid, we can easily solve the problems we need to handle.

We are currently doing a series of POS application development, including but not limited to: credit card consumption, personnel authentication, security check, event registration, item retrieval and other applications. Also doing some applications based on fixed desktop or hanging terminals, including: bus credit card, Huimin vegetable food card, parking card, unit card consumption and foreign visitors registration, authentication, etc.

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