The advantages of programmable keyboard

- Apr 25, 2019-

The design of Programmable keyboard is small and beautiful. The key of the programmable keyboard are in addition can reach to 101 keys, the 78 keys, the 84 keys, and the 60 keys, and 50 keys, esc,  there is no standard, the number of keyboards can be determined according to the needs of the developer, and the service life is 10 million times more. Provides double, double, and quadruple keys. Powerful software setting function, can provide multi-layer key function, can extend 1 key to several keys to use, provide delay code function. 

Programmable keyboard USB

A 6-segment programmable electronic lock is provided to achieve encryption through an electronic lock. EPROM circuit unique design and anti-static and protection functions, so that the data is not easy to lose, there will be no POS keyboard on the market in the summer, no problem in the summer, in the winter due to static old data loss, no battery, save no less than 100 year.

Pos keyboard

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