The advantages of POS system

- Aug 23, 2018-

1. Business data query is convenient and accurate.

How much is sold and when there are many people.

How much inventory is there, and what is selling fast?

What are the reasons for giving food and returning vegetables?

Before the cashier system, these figures can only be estimated by impression.

After the cashier system, these have special reports to query, and can be viewed on the phone at any time.

2. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Service efficiency can also be increased by more than three times by ordering food, rowing machine, scanning code platform, etc.

The computer checkout is fast and accurate, and the collection efficiency is improved. The customer has a bottom in the bill.

Customers can bargain and can not be credited to avoid and increase profits.

Effectively put an end to the run. When you change the cashier, you can get a job with a little training and reduce the cost of personnel.

3, member promotion

The cost of attracting new customers is five times that of old customers. The best way to retain customers is to affiliate marketing.

Commonly used are stored value marketing, point redemption, member specials, membership discounts. Among them, member stored value will bring great benefits to cash flow.

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