The advantages of all-in-one touch one machine

- Jul 17, 2019-

1. Touch screen cash register with high performance resistance, capacitance and infrared touch screen with more than one million click life, no need to use mouse and keyboard, just touch the touch screen cash register with your finger or swipe through the screen to realize all the operation of the computer. The operation of the computer is easier. The big innovation of the touch screen cash register is that it uses multi-touch technology, completely changing the way people and computers interact.

2. Touch screen cash register touch without drift, automatic correction, can carry out precise operation.

3. Touch screen cash register touch technology, support USB interface touch screen, support handwriting input function, with other software can achieve other interactive functions.

4. Touch screen cash register professional design 30 °-90 °, large elevation angle, adjustable, touch model-specific base, allowing users to adjust the preferred angle of use as desired.

What are the advantages of the touch screen cash register? We are here to share it here. The touch screen cash register is an auxiliary processing device for modern commercial enterprises. It faces the new payment needs of the consumer groups, especially the retail catering, Shangchao, hotel chain and so on. In the frequency consumer industry, the high-performance touch screen cash register has become the standard of the enterprise. Creating a fast and convenient cash register mode has become a tool for store management.

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