The advantages and applications of 2D barcode

- Jul 30, 2018-

The advantages and applications of 2D barcode



Advantages of two-dimensional barcodes

Compared with one-dimensional barcodes, two-dimensional barcodes have obvious advantages, and they are summarized as follows:

a) greater data capacity

b) beyond the limits of alphanumeric

c) the relative size of the barcode is small

d) Ability to resist damage


Application of two-dimensional barcode

a) Application of the transportation industry

A typical transportation business process usually goes through several processes: supplier-->freight agent, freight agent-->cargo company, cargo company-->customer, and the handling of delivery documents is involved in each process. The shipping documents contain a large amount of information, including: shipper information, consignee information, goods list, shipping methods, and so on. The premise of document processing is the entry of data. The method of manual keyboard entry has the problems of low efficiency and high error rate, which can no longer meet the requirements of modern transportation industry.

Two-dimensional barcodes provide a good solution in this regard. The contents of the documents are compiled into a two-dimensional barcode, printed on the shipping documents, and the barcode is scanned using a two-dimensional barcode scanner at all stages of the transportation business. Entering into a computer management system is fast and accurate.



b) Application of identification card

The US Department of Defense has printed PDF417 code on the military identity card.

The cardholder's name, rank, photos and other personal information are compiled into a PDF417 code printed on the card. Cards are used to manage entry and exit and hospital visits for important locations.

The advantages of this application are real-time data collection, low implementation costs, card damage (such as gunshots), and anti-counterfeiting.

The resident ID card of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China also uses PDF417 code.


c) File and form application

In order to improve the accuracy and speed of data entry, they make the policy and compile the policy into a PDF417 barcode and print it on the document, so they can use the 2D barcode scanner to scan the barcode to record the data into the host.

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