The advantage of Tablet Pos PC

- Oct 26, 2018-


 The Pos cash register industry began to develop toward the trend of the tablet Pos, what are the advantages? Below are the llist of the following points.

 1. Stylish appearance, relatively ordinary pos system, ture flat pos tablet looks stylish and textured

 2. Simple installation, after smart tablet is turned on, it can be operated by placing it on the base, which is very simple and convenient.

 3. Light carrying strap, mini tablets ,detachable, can be removed and taken away anytime, anywhere

 4. Full-featured, is more than just a pos terminal, notebook tablet can download games, video players, music players and so on.

 5. The resolution is high, the resolution of the windows tablet/ android tablet is generally much better than the ordinary pos machine, and it is clear at a glance.

 6. Touch sensitive, the screen response speed is faster, and the speed of cash register is accelerated.

 PC Tablet has become more and more the trend nowadays. Compared with the traditional pos cash register machine, the tablet pos is simple and convenient to operate, and is convenient to carry. It integrates entertainment and work, and satisfies the current Internet operation mode.


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