The advantage of Handheld Data Collector

- Dec 11, 2018-

The application of data collector not only saves time, reduces workload, reduces management costs, and effectively improves inventory structure. It is also very feasible to establish a data acquisition system in logistics enterprises and use portable inventory machines.


1. The implementation is difficult


Logistics companies only need to purchase a portable data acquisition system based on the original MIS system, without having to make a big move. With the development of science and technology, the functions of the portable inventory machine are increasingly perfect. The general system is equipped with application software so that the user can connect with the original system, and the operation of the enterprise and the operation of the original system will not cause loopholes. It can be said that the use of the portable inventory machine is a useful supplement to the original system in terms of inventory (counting).


2. Easy installation, easy operation and strong applicability


It does not need to increase the venue, and is not limited by time and space. It is smart and practical, and it is convenient to realize the realization of inventory (counting) and item tracking management.


3. Equipment investment is not high, but the effect is remarkable


For example, improve work efficiency, save work time, reduce manual workload, reduce various management costs, and improve inventory structure in a timely manner. The most important thing is to use the portable counting machine to shorten the counting cycle and the time taken for each inventory, truly realize the non-stop inventory and reduce the mistakes of on-site management to the lowest level.


4. At present, there are many successful examples that can be used for reference at home and abroad. The development of management and technology is relatively mature.


The application software of various portable data acquisition systems on the market is practical, easy to operate, and has good stability, effectively improving the accuracy of the inventory data and the reliability of data communication, and solving the drawbacks of slow manual speed and error proneness. .


5. Easy to buy and maintain


Some foreign professional companies have set foot in the high-tech market in the domestic commercial and logistics fields, such as Symbol, Unitech and CASIO, forming a highly competitive buyer market. This undoubtedly provides a lot of convenience for logistics enterprises: easy to buy, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade, enjoy the convenience of after-sales service......


6. The portable inventory machine is constantly developing into miniaturization, intelligence and multi-function


After the company purchases the equipment, the operator can quickly master the use without having to specially train or hire professionals in this field.


With the promotion of bar code technology, the proportion of bar code used in general merchandise has increased year by year, and the application of logistic bar code has become more and more extensive. All of this provides logistics companies with sufficient data sources to ensure the smooth use of portable data acquisition systems.

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