The Advantage of Capacitive Touch Screen

- Nov 02, 2017-

 Capacitive touch screen is a layer of transparent special metal conductive material affixed in the glass surface. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact will changes,so that the frequency of the oscillator connected changed, and the touch position information can be determined by measuring the frequency change.


     The advantages of are:


1. Operation novelty. Capacitive touch screen support multi-touch, more intuitive operation, more interesting.


2. It is not easy to touch by accident, As the capacitive touch screen needs to sense the body of the current, only the human body can operate on it, it doesnot have the corresponding with other objects,it basically advoid the possibility of accident touch.


3. High durability. Compared with the resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen has better performance in the dust, water, wear and other aspects.


As the current legitimate red touch screen technology, capacitive touch screen, although the interface with gorgeous, multi-touch, only the human body and other advantages


Capacitive touch screen transmittance and clarity is better than 4-wire resistiv touchscree, of course, can not compared with5 wire touch and Saw touchscreen type. Capacitive screen has color distortion problem as the wavelength of light transmission is not uniform,  due to the reflection of light between the layers, but also will cause the image character blur.

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