The 6 big cashier functions that supermarkets need

- Jul 31, 2019-

More and more small merchants choose to buy a single cash register as a store cashier. So what do you need to buy a cash register for small supermarkets, convenience stores and retail stores?

1. Cashier interface features are readily available

Easy cash register, easy to operate, software included, Alipay, merchandise, cashier pages, data backup and deletion, permissions, reports, scan printing and cloud services.

2. Bar code library function supports automatic storage

Millions of code libraries to help you automatically create new products, just enter the price and save it with one click

3. Alipay cashier / online cash register

No need to provide cumbersome registration data binding, just bind Alipay and support customers to use Alipay to pay in person.

4. Cloud service / data automatic network storage

Data/report/transfer class automatically synchronizes cloud storage for all data to be consistent

5. Print function / built-in printer

Automatically connect to print, no need to manually search, printing is more convenient and quick

6. Report function/function is available

Easily query any time data, sales details and sales rankings

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