Tell you how to buy dot matrix printer

- Oct 12, 2017-

Tell you how to buy dot matrix printer

Users in the purchase and use of the printer, you should use the printer performance to understand, under normal circumstances, the printer manufacturers in the product manual are given the relevant technical parameters and performance indicators, the following for some of the major technical parameters and Performance indicators of the significance of the introduction.


1. Print method

Indicates the mode used by the matrix printer during printing. Such as "bi-directional logical selection" printing mode, in the print mode, the printer will print the contents of each line according to the specific location to control the print head start and stop position, to save time and improve print speed and efficiency; Can choose single-bidirectional "printing mode, in this way, the user can according to print requirements, select the print head at the beginning of each print position. One-way printing is to print each line, the print head word car must first return to the initial position, and then print, print efficiency is low, but the characters or images up and down the convergence of high precision; two-way print is horizontal print back and forth to print , High printing efficiency. However, due to the impact of mechanical parts accuracy, may cause the characters or images of the upper and lower part of the convergence of a certain degree of dislocation, the print quality will have an impact.


2. print head

Pay attention to the print head when the needle number, the vast majority of printers are using 24-pin print head. This kind of print head has the characteristics of fast printing speed and good print quality. Its performance parameters are mainly needle life, such as 200 million times / needle. In addition, when selecting the printer, pay attention to the print point density of the printer, dot density is defined as the number of points printed in the horizontal direction, expressed in DPI. Print-quality printers can have a dot density of up to 360 DPI.


3. character set

The character set is a description of the type of font in the printer, and the character set shows which type the printer belongs to. Chinese characters are more complete types of characters, including the ASC code dot matrix character set, the Chinese character lattice character set and the international character string lattice character set, usually the above character set is developed according to national standards. Such as GB-5007 standard (24/24 dot matrix character set) and GB-2312-80 (Arial 32 × 32 dot matrix character set).


4. Print speed


This is an important performance index of dot matrix printers, which reflects the overall performance of the printer indicators, generally only to give a line of Western characters or Chinese characters when printing speed. The standard description should be in the draft mode, in accordance with the print every 10 characters (10CPI) way, the number of characters can be printed per second. Now print faster printers generally print speed of 200 words / second or more.


Line spacing


In the specification, there is generally a line spacing index, because this indicator is an important indicator of the accuracy and performance of the paper feeding operation, especially the minimum feeding distance (such as 1/360 "or n / 368") to reflect its delivery Component control and precision.


6. Interface

Most printers are standard Centronics parallel interface, and other standard interfaces are generally purchased as an accessory.


7. Maximum buffer capacity

This indicator indirectly indicates the effect of the printer on the productivity of the host computer when printing. Buffer capacity, a large number of input data, the printer processing and printing the time required for long. Therefore, the number of communication with the computer can be reduced, the host efficiency.


8. Feeding method

For the paper feeding method, a good printer should have a variety of paper feeding function, which reflects its institutional design is reasonable and comprehensive. In general, there should be continuous paper conveyor sprocket device to ensure the accuracy of the paper and to avoid the skew in the process of feeding; whether there is a single sheet of paper and card paper transport capacity, and whether the ability to push the paper , It is very important to print the bill.


9. Paper width and paper thickness

The paper width indicator reflects the printer's maximum print width, which is typically 9 "(narrow) and 13.6" (wide); the paper thickness reflects the ability to hit the print head. The purpose of copying the copy is important. Generally used to "copy the original copy number" to express.

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