Technology enters life, and displays bring new visual experience

- Apr 22, 2019-

In the past few years, the intelligent visual experience has quietly entered our lives. It is like a mouse who loves rice. It has become a habit or a normal state. So what new experiences do industrial displays give us visually?

1. The display has the function of visually reflecting the image quality. In addition, the full 1920*1080 resolution is the preferred display for the display device in the field of broadcast TV. The professional display resolution is automatically adjusted according to the display output (regardless of the horizontal and vertical It can be supported); its high reliability and high-definition display capability will ensure that you can record high-definition video and audio recorded in the video, and the video signal is completely displayed in front of the viewer. The picture is clear and can be fully checked for authenticity.

2. Then the resolution is mainly determined by the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the video channel. The degree of reduction mainly consists of the chrominance signals of the three primary colors of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and the phase of the luminance signal. Determined. Since the display is usually a static image, the color experience is quite strong, allowing us to quickly capture the beauty of the vision.

3. The display can be controlled by a variety of serial ports, open control ports, to adapt to a variety of industrial environments. Convenient for multiple monitors, you can control all display devices without using the remote control, and can assist, timed boot, delayed boot, machine self-test, etc. Science and technology coming into life not only brings us a rich sense of sight, but also increases the topic we have more to pay.

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