Supermarket self-service payment machine

- Nov 13, 2018-


   Self-service cash register refers to the equipment used for self-service shopping in supermarkets and stores. This equipment enables customers to scan goods in a self-service manner, checkout payment, eliminate the queuing process, and liberate cashiers and cashiers. One-to-one binding relationship.


  Click "Start Shopping" on the touch screen of the self-service cash register, pop up the "Product Scan Code" page, and manually scan the barcode of the product one by one to scan the code port. The name, price and quantity of the product are displayed on the screen one by one.


  After clicking "Complete and Pay", there are two payment methods: "bank card" and "stored value card". After the selection, the card is swiped and transferred, and the cash register automatically prints out the transaction receipt and shopping list. The self-checkout time for purchasing 5 items is approximately 2 minutes.


  With the acceleration of the pace of social life, shopping malls have become a way to improve their lives, which has caused the above-mentioned phenomenon of queued payment in shopping malls.


  Therefore, this kind of equipment is very useful for such large shopping malls. On the one hand, it solves the problem of cash register, and it can also greatly improve the cash register speed and solve the problem of queuing. On the other hand, the customer operates the cash register equipment to increase the shopping. Fun can always know the amount of money spent on shopping.

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