Service evaluator

- Nov 11, 2019-

Service evaluator

  USB interface, simple and convenient, no wiring, and can be evaluated by installing operating software on the computer.

  The customer's comprehensive evaluation is accepted, and the rating scale is divided into four levels: very satisfied, satisfied, general, and dissatisfied.

  Anti-repetition and malicious evaluation protection, the evaluation terminal only accepts one evaluation result within a certain period of time. The time can be set as needed.

  The employee card with employee photo, job number and name can be embedded (flexibly loaded and unloaded) on the terminal.

  The star rating indicator on the terminal can display the current employee's star rating (each star is illuminated by one indicator, divided into 1-5 levels). The star rating of the employee can be assessed directly through the backend server.

  The customer traffic statistics can be performed by using the button function of the software of the control evaluator (the customer presses the hello key when the customer comes to the business, and presses the evaluation key at the end of the process to obtain the relevant data such as the business volume and the acceptance time). And accompanied by intelligent voice prompts. (For example: press your key to play "Hello welcome to visit", press the evaluation button to play "Please give me an evaluation of my service", if the customer evaluates, automatically play "Thank you for your evaluation, welcome to visit next time ")

working environment:

Use environment: Temperature: -20 ° C - 45 ° C Relative humidity <80%

Storage environment: Temperature: -40 ° C - 85 ° C Relative humidity <90%

Power: DC+5V

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