Self-Service Pos Machine

- Mar 20, 2019-

   Supermarket self-service Pos Machine, as the name implies, is a pos system that does not require the cashier to be responsible and used in supermarkets. This kind self-service pos terminals achieve the payment via scanning mobile phone’QR code, it is popular with many users. It is bringing the novelty experience to consumers, the work pressure of sharing the cashier's manual pos cash register greatly eased the pressure of work.

  Under the guidance of the staff, the bar code of the product is directed at the scanning area of the self-service pos machine. After scanning one piece, you will hear a click, and the information of the product will be displayed on the screen, and all the products will be scanned in turn, after confirmation. , call out WeChat or Alipay payment code to scan in the scanning area, the deduction is successful, personal feeling is more convenient.

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