Scanner resolution

- Jun 01, 2018-

Scanner resolution


The resolution of the scanner must be determined from three aspects: the optical part, the hardware part, and the software part. That is to say that the resolution of the scanner is equal to the resolution of its optics plus its own resolution through processing and analysis by hardware and software.


The optical resolution is the actual number of spots that can be captured by the optical components of the scanner in an area of one square inch. It refers to the physical resolution of the CCD of the barcode scanner and it is the true resolution of the scanner. Its value is the number of pixels that can be captured by the photoelectric element divided by the maximum scan size of the scanner.


For example, a scanner with a resolution of 1200 DPI often has only 400 to 600 DPI of optical resolution. The resolution of the extension is generated by a combination of hardware and software. This process is performed by the computer analyzing the image and mathematically filling the blank (this process is also called interpolation).

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