Scanner analysis

- Dec 21, 2018-

As a high-tech product closely integrated with optical, mechanical, electronic and software applications, it is the third generation of main computer input equipment after keyboard and mouse. Since the birth of the scanner gun in the 1980s, it has been rapidly developed and widely used. From the most direct pictures, photographs, films to all kinds of drawings, graphics and manuscripts, it can be input into the computer with the scanner gun, and then realize the processing, management, use, storage or output of these image information.

Bar code scanner is divided into hand-held scanner, small drum scanner and platform scanner.

Handheld Scanner Gun

red light scanner

Hand-held scanning gun is a product of technology introduced in 1987. It looks like a bar code scanning gun held by a supermarket cashier. Most of the holding scanning guns adopt CIS technology with an optical resolution of 200 dpi. They can be divided into black-and-white, gray-scale and color types. The color type is generally 18-bit color. There are also some high-end products using CCD as a photosensitive device, which can achieve true bit color and good scanning effect.

Omnidirectional Scanner,


Also known as flat scanner gun, desktop scanner gun, most of the scanner guns on the market now belong to flat scanner gun, is the mainstream. The optical resolution of this kind of scanner ranges from 300 dpi to 8000dpi, the color digits range from 24 to 48, and the scanning range is generally A4 or A3. The advantage of flat-panel scanning is that, like using a photocopier, as long as the top of the scanning gun is opened, books, newspapers, magazines, photographic negatives can be placed on it for scanning, which is quite convenient, and the scanning effect is the best of all common types of scanning guns.

Others include large-scale scanning guns, pen-type scanning guns, bar code scanning guns, negative scanning guns (note that they are not flat-panel scanning guns, which have better effect and are of course expensive), physical scanning guns (which are not flat-panel scanning guns with physical scanning ability, somewhat similar to digital cameras), and drum scanning mainly used in the field of industrial printing typesetting. There's a lot of gun tracing and so on.

The difference of the types and uses of scanning guns makes the price of scanning guns very different. The scanning guns of hundreds to tens of millions of yuan are also different because of the appearance and the use environment. Choosing a suitable scanning gun will make the workflow easier and more convenient.

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