RFID application technology can be divided into four types

- Jul 20, 2018-

RFID application technology can be divided into four types


Depending on the functionality that the system can implement, RFID can be roughly divided into four types: EAS systems, portable data acquisition systems, logistics control systems, and positioning systems. Here is a brief introduction to these four types of RFID:


EAS system: EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance System) is an RFID technology that is placed at the doorway where items are to be controlled. Typical applications for this technology are in stores, libraries, data centers, etc., and when an unauthorized person illegally removes items from these places, the EAS system issues a warning. When applying EAS technology, the EAS label is first attached to the item. When the item is normally purchased or legally removed, the EAS label is deactivated by a certain device at the settlement, and the item can be taken away. The application of EAS technology can effectively prevent the theft of items, whether it is a large piece of goods or a small item. With EAS technology, items do not need to be locked in any glass cabinet, allowing customers to watch and inspect their products freely. This is of great practical significance in today's increasingly popular choice.


Portable Data Acquisition System: A portable data acquisition system uses a handheld data collector with an RFID reader to capture data on an RFID tag. This system has greater flexibility and is suitable for applications where fixed RFID systems are not suitable.


Logistics Control System: In the logistics control system, the fixedly arranged RFlD readers are distributed in a given area, and the reader is directly connected to the data management information system. The signal transmitter is mobile, generally installed on moving objects and people. Above. When an object or a person passes through the reader, the reader automatically scans the information on the label and inputs the data information into the data management information system for storage, analysis, and processing to achieve the purpose of controlling the logistics.


Positioning system: The positioning system is used for positioning in automated machining systems and for positioning and support of vehicles, ships, etc.


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