Research on Resistive multipoint Touch Screen

- Nov 07, 2017-

Nowadays there are many kinds of touch screen, which can realize multipoint touch function are infrared matrix, image LCO matrix, infrared waveguide matrix, induction capacitance matrix touch screen. Now, with the practical use of iPhone inductive capacitive touch screen, the cost of inductive capacitive touch screen has gradually declined. The most widely used resistive touch screen has the most widely studied.


Multipoint-touch is to allow arbitrary choice and operation between multiple fingers, which can greatly enrich the type of operation, and multi-point operation can usually achieve intelligent gesture recognition, to provide more user-friendly user interface. Now the multi-point touch screen has been made a breakthrough in technology, but the application of these technologies have relatively large limitations. Another important reason is that the corresponding multi-touch function is not defined accordingly, although smart gesture recognition is technically achievable, but the application specification limits the application. For example, there are five points of the touch, the combination of these locations in the end mean what? This does not have the corresponding standards and norms, which resulted in the proliferation of technology, in the actual use of no place to show the advantages of this multi-touch. Currently the most definitive definition must be the definition of one point and two points , which also meet the practical application of the habit. Some of the use of a multi-touch function of the touch screen are still doing a single point or two touch screen operation, so these products use these technologies have to say some waste. It can be seen that the application of technology depends on the needs and specific applications, but also to meet the practical application of everyone.


For the above reasons, the touch screen which can not achieve multi-touch in the market share is the largest. As long as it meets the one point and two points touch function, it meets the demand. The resistive touch screen is one of the most widely used in the market, and the research in this field is also the most.

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