Reasons and Solutions for Data Loss in Cash Register

- Apr 26, 2018-

Reasons and Solutions for Data Loss in Cash Registers


The use of cash registers facilitates the collection of data, the analysis of accounts, and the elimination of many tedious tasks. However, it is inevitable that some unpredictable problems will arise in the use of cash registers, such as data loss.

So, what causes cash register data lost? And How can we prevent and solve it?


1. software failure


       In the choice of cash register software, we must choose a stable, do not use pirated software or crack version of the cash register software. Unstable cash register software has a higher probability of problems. Once a cash register software, or a software database occurs error which will be very troublesome, there is no way to recover the software if there is no after-sales service. In the use of genuine cash register software, in order to prevent software errors, the system defaults to back up data every day after the end of business to effectively prevent data loss.



2. hardware failure


       Hardware is hard disk, memory, power supply, motherboard and monitor etc.


       If the hard disk fails, unsaved product data will be lost. Even if you change your new hard drive, your product data has been lost and you have to re-enter it. Fortunately, the hard disk  can be repaired if failures, and the bad road can be shielded if there is a bad track appeared. Then the hard disk can continue to be used to export product data. If none of the above solutions can be solved, hard disk data recovery can be performed.


         Memory, power supply, motherboard failures are generally not a problem, and the fastest solution is to replace them with new ones. And these things are particularly high integration and low cost.

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