- Jul 11, 2019-


RaspberryPi is equipped with an ARM11 series, the clock is 700M CPU, SD card is the memory hard disk, there are two USB ports and one network port around the card motherboard, which can connect keyboard, mouse and network cable. At the same time, it has a TV output interface for video analog signals and an HDMI high-definition video output interface. All of the above components are integrated on a motherboard that is only slightly larger than a credit card. With all the basic functions of a PC, it can be executed by simply turning on the TV and keyboard. Such as spreadsheets, word processing, playing games, playing high-definition video and so on. Raspberry PiB models only provide computer boards, no memory, power supply, keyboard, chassis or connection. Considering the problems of convenience and cost, they are subdivided into Model-A and Model-B versions. The difference between the two versions is as follows. The table shows. In general, the domestic enthusiasts buy basically the Model-B version. Figure 3 shows the physical map of RaspberryPiModel-B.

Although the Raspberry Pi is small, but the ordinary computer is no different, the computer can do things, the Raspberry Pi can basically do, and the Raspberry Pi has low energy consumption, mobile convenience, GPIO and other features many common computer difficult things to do, tree The Raspberry Pi can do it well.

The Raspberry Pi is positioned to learn. You can learn operating systems, programming, and learn embedded programming, industrial control, artificial intelligence, and more. It is more comprehensive than other models such as arduio. Of course, it is also weak in some respects.

The function of the Raspberry Pi is almost the same in foreign countries. Almost all areas have the Raspberry Pi. From parallel computing to robotics to 3D printing, exploring space, home security, routers, and PAD.

Domestic and foreign usage is basically the same. It’s just that the Chinese people are more at home. They are small toys that are played by people with strong hands. There are still few schools running. It is said that some researchers have begun to use it to do some monitoring.

Programmers are used to do downloads, file sharing, web servers, and more. These can be configured without hardware knowledge.

Connected to a mobile power supply, working continuously for 8 hours is still easy.


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