Quantum dot display

- Oct 26, 2018-

display panel

In fact, as far as the current quantum dot screen is concerned, the traditional LCD panel is only a backlight change, and it is an extension of the LCD panel, and there is no fundamental change. Popularly speaking, the current quantum dot display is to add a film in the VA panel, which is the QDEF film in the above figure.

We all know that in the current LED backlight mode, in order to show the three primary colors, there are two kinds of backlight methods: one is to directly backlight through RGB LED lights, so the cost is very high, basically no display is used; the second is the common commercial display. Backlight mode: Pseudo white LED backlight, using the phosphor color of the pixel, what is the pseudo white LED backlight, is to send a white backlight by adding a yellow phosphor to the blue LED (the position of the blue LEDs in the above figure).

This is also the source of the Internet's wide-ranging "screen with blue-light eyes", but there is a saying that "aside from the dose, the toxicity is a rogue", as long as it is a display that meets the safety standards, and reasonable use of the eye, it will not The result of rumors that cause big spread on the network, so don't worry too much.

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