PVA panel

- Jun 14, 2019-

The PVA panel is a derivative of the MVA panel. It uses a transparent ITO layer instead of the protrusions in the MVA liquid crystal molecules, which greatly improves the light transmittance, thereby improving the image quality and greatly improving the display performance. 170 degrees, response time, contrast and color reproduction capabilities have been greatly improved, it can be said that PVA LCD panel has almost no weakness except price. Due to the high production cost, PVA panels are mostly used in LCD TVs and high-end graphics LCDs. For example, Samsung F7 series LCD TVs, Dell 2007WFP and Samsung LA32R71B are still some distance from ordinary consumers.

(Wide-angle technology: There is a horizontal/vertical viewing angle in the parameter indicators on the liquid crystal display. The horizontal viewing angle of the traditional liquid crystal display is 45 degrees each, which means that the viewer function has a 90-degree viewing angle when the user and the display You can't see the content on the display when the angle is between the angles, which is why many users report that the color of the picture is distorted or gray when running the game or watching the movie on the LCD display. The technology is different, it can increase the viewing angle of the liquid crystal display to 160 degrees or more, thus solving the problem of insufficient viewing angle.)

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