Public information inquiry service

- Jun 29, 2019-

Public information inquiry service: The application of touch inquiry machine is the most common, for example,

    a. Real estate inquiry and sales: The online real estate information network designed by ERA Company of the United States provides various real estate information to users through the touch screen information desk located in public places, which eliminates the errands of buyers and provides real estate owners. The opportunity to advertise across the country.

     b. Posts and Telecommunications Enquiries and Call Charges: The Post and Telecommunications Bureau and the Telephone Office also use the touch screen system to provide various inquiries to the public, including postal service enquiries, telecommunication service enquiries, postal codes and long-distance telephone area code enquiries, and foreign exchange business enquiries. For example, the Beijing Southern District Post and Telecommunications Bureau has used the Touch Screen Enquiry Desk of the Central Star Company to serve the public.

     c. Ticketing and shipping services, etc.: For example, the touch screen ticket counter of the ticket office of Beijing Station allows users to select the number of trains, the type of train, the number of tickets purchased, the destination, the fare and other related matters; the cabinet of Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan The touch screen allows passengers to view flight numbers, departures and arrival times.

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