Programmable keyboard with a brief introduction

- Mar 04, 2017-

Technology and development of the financial payment industry and ordinary regular keyboard has been unable to adapt its flexible application of the field of application, so have a keyboard capable of independent programming on each key-----programmable keyboard. Programmable keyboard and the difference between a regular keyboard: 1 press the number. Programmable keyboard keys in addition to the 101 and 104 keys, there are 60 keys, 78 keys such as ... Should say no standards, according to the developer's need to determine the arrangement of the number 2 keyboard keyboard. Programmable keyboard alphabet do not have relatively fixed patterns like a regular keyboard, can reflect a more personalized and professional. 3-key definition. Programmable keyboard, each key can be defined more than once again. You can define text, letters or a directive. Each correspond to the keyboard with a programming procedures, and easy to learn.

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