Problem for Cash drawer

- Jul 10, 2020-

Cash register pos Front desk system Open cash drawer No response after pressing. The cash drawer will not pop up automatically and can only be opened with a key, how to do ?

1. Check whether the cash drawer line is connected to the small ticket printer;


2. Check the software settings. Generally, the port of the cash drawer in the software is LTP1. This port is set according to the port of the printer. So, as long as your printer can print out a small ticket, you will put your cash drawer port. Set to your printer port is OK.


3. If the software is set up and the cash drawer line is okay, you can press to open the cash drawer to hear whether there is a "tick" sound in the cash drawer. If there is, the cash drawer is not opened, it is in the cash drawer. The spring connected to the electronic lock is weak and must be sent for repair; if there is no sound, either the printer is broken or the cash drawer electronic lock is broken.

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