Principle of Magnetic Card Reader Writer

- Mar 19, 2018-

Principle of Magnetic Card Reader Writer 


The magnetic stripe reader can be connected to any computer or terminal with an RS232 serial port for reading and writing magnetic stripe information on a magnetic card or passbook. The operation is simple and comfortable, and both the reading and writing are completed with a swiping card, the reading and writing double check function is provided, the performance is stable and reliable, and the compatibility is good, has a better universality. Can be widely used in finance, post and telecommunications, transportation, customs and etc.


The magnetic card reader writer is composed of a physical enclosure with a magnetic head fixed therein, an electromagnet (called a degausser) installed, and an encoding and decoding circuit, an indicator lamp, etc.


Card reading process: the program sends out card reading signal, magnetic head electrify, amplifying signal, magnetic card brush outdated, record, store and reconfigure the signal, then send it to computer confirm. If confirm coincidence, pass and output, otherwise it will prompt error to re brush.


Card writing process: the program issued a signal of writing card, amplified signal, then the demagnetizer charged, magnetic head charged. When the magnetic card brush off , it will gone through the demagnetizer to delete all the contents at first , and then write the new contents through the head.

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