POS receipt printer

- Dec 09, 2019-

Competition in all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce, especially in the POS bill industry. From production capacity competition in previous years, to channel competition later, and price competition, to competition in promotion, competition has penetrated into all aspects of POS marketing. When the competition reaches a fierce degree, the terminal becomes the final marketing magic weapon, which is the so-called final victory terminal. Terminal management determines the life and death of an enterprise. Although everyone understands the truth, what makes the printer operator feel distressed is that in actual operation, terminal management is becoming increasingly difficult.

POS bill printers are widely used in various industries, such as taxation, supermarkets, convenience stores, postal services, banks, entertainment, enterprises and institutions, restaurants and hotels. There are many small and medium printers on the market, each with its own scope of application. There are many types of POS receipt printers. At present, the concept of micro printers is relatively vague and the classification is not clear.

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