POS on the Cloud

- Oct 24, 2017-

POS on the Cloud

Cloud computing is passed via the Internet software (commonly known as service).Cloud retail POS with your traditional system installed on the computer with the same function, in addition to its run on the cloud, and on the Web browser to access via the Internet.


Retail management system can be in the computer, notebook computers, personal computers and mobile devices (e.g., tablet, tablets and smart phones).Data is stored securely and handle "in the cloud".This means that you can use any device to access your business data anytime and anywhere, as long as you connect to the Internet.Using the cloud retail POS management software has many advantages.In addition to access to your data from anywhere outside of the flexibility of, you do not need to install the software on any device, and automatic updates are free.Be automatically backup your data, data transmission, encryption, completely many stores data real-time storage in all stores, and firewall and the server security protection active maintenance and monitoring by senior professional personnel, this is more than many small business network and laptop computers and devices.Cloud system and on a monthly or annual contract purchase, enables the store all sizes can withstand.


Since 2010, moving to cloud the store retail POS management system appeared a huge change.


This can be attributed to want the advantages of the store and cost savings of using the cloud.For the traditional system, stores need to each of the employees want to work for them or area to buy a computer or hardware.In addition, the most important thing is that, for each computer software licenses, so employees have the tools needed to perform work.Because the shop need to upgrade the hardware and software, not to mention in the case of the failure of tracking a hardware failure, security, virus protection and data backup, so it can become quite expensive, time consuming and resource huge infrastructure and Settings.Because of the cloud computing retail POS management system eliminates all of these problems and make the owner has the ability to focus on the most important thing - business.

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