Portable touch displays are a great technology

- Apr 22, 2019-

Portable USB-C touch displays are a great technology. Having a second screen, without the need for anything other than a power supply or USB-C cable, not only improves productivity: it also liberates. Not long ago, multi-monitor settings were downgraded to desktop settings, and you just lost extra screen space on the go.

Fast forward to today, the situation is no longer there. USB-C displays are produced by a number of manufacturers, and ASUS is currently the most famous company that produces USB-C displays. However, one problem with these extra screens is the lack of proper brightness and port selection. Low-brightness makes sense as portable displays draw brightness from the laptop's battery, but the lack of touch on the touchscreen Chromebook's current climate feels like a mistake.

Although we have used USB-C monitors in the past, we have not used monitors with touch support. Honestly, I am not sure if it will register. Instead, the display is launched directly up through a single USB-C cable (included), and multi-touch works exactly as expected. The benefits are also obvious. If I work on one screen and only need to move something on the second display, I can now go straight up, touch the screen, and do what needs to be done.

We will spend more time on this screen in the actual scene and conduct a full review in a few weeks, but I can tell you that I am already impressed. This screen looks great and the touch function is better than I thought. The situation on the device is not the one that is now shipped from Amazon, and the manufacturer is sending us a not so bad alternative, but what I really worry about is the performance of the screen itself.

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