PC cash register system advantage

- Nov 14, 2019-


  1. The system is stable and has strong performance. The cash register computer can simultaneously put background music and carry out online store business. In the free time, you can also play games to pass the time.

  2. No network can be used. 

  3. The data is stored locally, can be viewed permanently, and the data is confidential. Some software can be dual backup in the local cloud. (Members stored value information is extremely important)

  4. Late hardware maintenance is convenient, 58 city 30-50 find someone to solve.

  5. Can be customized to develop new features.

  6. The platform is universal. After the cash register system is replaced, the original cash register can continue to be used.


    1. the price of the computer is more expensive than the phone or tablet.

    2. The data is stored locally, and the stand-alone version needs to be backed up regularly.

    3. Business data is uploaded to the Internet by time period, and the data viewed by the boss assistant has a delay.

    4. There is a risk of poisoning.

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