Handheld POS parking charge management solution

- Nov 28, 2018-

Handheld POS parking charge management solution

How should we improve the utilization rate of parking spaces, improve the service level of parking management, increase parking revenue, and reduce management costs? Already made a reflection and proposed a solution.

In recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly, people's living standards have improved, urban commerce has become increasingly prosperous, China is rapidly entering the automobileized society, and the number of urban cars is rising. Automobile consumption has become a new growth point for the economy. However, due to the imperfect facilities of urban hardware, the parking charge management system is not perfect, and there are often phenomenons of illegal parking on motor vehicles, motor vehicles and pedestrians. The charging methods of toll collectors are backward and irregular, and the supervision is low. Support backwardness, weak service capabilities, etc.

                              Handheld POS parking charge management solution

How should we improve the utilization rate of parking spaces, improve the service level of parking management, increase parking revenue, reduce management costs, and propose solutions.

Handheld POS parking charge management solution

Second, the overall program introduction

The traditional parking charge management mode makes it difficult for the toll collectors to effectively monitor and not find the parking berth quickly. It is easy to cause the loss of parking fees, realizing the real-time interaction of information, which is not conducive to supervision services, resulting in traffic congestion and occupation. Phenomenon, it is easy to cause traffic accidents.

1. Guide the vehicle to find the parking space. HPOS, which is developed and produced, can grasp the idle information of road parking space in real time, integrate the information of public parking spots on the roadside, and guide the vehicles to quickly find free parking spaces. Improve the quality of the car service and save the time for the owner to find the parking space.

2, intelligent charging fees. When the owner stops, the charge management HPOS handheld terminal enters the license plate number information of the owner and takes the photo of the owner's vehicle. When the owner picks up the vehicle, the HPOS handheld terminal automatically calculates the owner's calculation by the stepwise calculation method in different regions and time slots. Pay the fees, avoid errors in manual calculations, and print invoices to the owner. The collected parking and charging information is transmitted to the management center in real time via a wireless 3G network.

3. Built-in GPS module, which can locate and manage the toll collectors, supervise and inspect the work of the toll collectors.

4. Using HPOS handheld terminal, the charging data is complete, the accounts are clear, the parking management level is greatly improved, the income of parking management operators is increased, and the management cost is reduced.

5. Supporting citizen card, bus card and financial IC card payment;

6. Perform data analysis on the parking conditions of vehicles in the city's road parking lot, support the establishment of road parking status layers on the electronic map, and provide urban static traffic management information for the intelligent traffic command system.

Third, the social value of the program

1. It can effectively alleviate the problem of “difficult parking” in the prosperous area and significantly improve the traffic congestion in key areas;

2. Enhance the convenience index and enhance the city image and city competitiveness;

3. Effectively integrate parking resources, improve the utilization of parking spaces, and alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand.

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