Normal maintenance method of barcode printer

- Jun 05, 2018-

Normal maintenance method of barcode printer


The printing head is the most fragile device of the bar code printer. It is a lossy product like a car, and it will eventually be damaged. However, if you pay attention to maintenance, you can extend the life of the printing head.


For the best usage, print heads need to be cleaned every time a roll of ribbon or roll of thermal paper is used. Note that you must remove the ring when cleaning the print head to prevent scratching the printing head.


1. Can be swabbed with 70% alcohol swab, first turn off the printer power and open the printing head, use a small amount of cotton in the printer mechanical part brush, or gently blow off the dust (such as: roller: paper / ribbon sensor and printing head)


2. Do not use any hard metal or any abrasive tool (such as a screwdriver) to sterilize the printing head.


3. Use a cotton swab with alcohol to press on the printing head from the beginning to the end, then rotate the roller, use it to wipe while rotating. Do not use the swab if it is dirty.

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