new generation wireless payment solution-QR code payment

- Apr 09, 2018-

QR code payment is a new generation wireless payment solution based on the account system. Under this payment scheme, merchants can compile transaction information such as account numbers and commodity prices into a two-dimensional code and print it on various newspapers, magazines, advertisements, books, and other carriers.

The user can scan the QR code through the mobile phone client to realize payment settlement with the merchant Alipay account. Finally, according to the user's goods receipt and contact information in the payment transaction information, the merchant can deliver the goods and complete the transaction.

The emergence of two-dimensional code payment methods in China is not accidental. The formation background is mainly related to the rapid development of China's IT technology and the rapid advancement of e-commerce. The maturity of IT technology has promoted the birth of mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, which has made people's mobile life more colorful. At the same time, domestic e-commerce is also closely related to "mobile", especially the development of O2O. With a large number of mobile devices and a large amount of mobile consumption, the cost of payment becomes particularly critical. Therefore, QR code payment solutions came into being.

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QR code payment mainly has the following features:

1, the technology is mature

QR code payment has mature technology in developed regions abroad, which lays a foundation for the development of domestic two-dimensional code technology, and it is believed that it will rapidly spread.

2, easy to use

After the user installs the QR code recognition software, the user can complete the transaction by simply swiping the QR code.

3, payment is convenient

With the QR code payment method, merchants do not have to pay high-cost payment such as cash on delivery, and consumers can also pay in real time whenever and wherever possible.

4, lower cost

Due to the maturity of technology and the popularity of mobile devices, the payment cost of QR codes has become very low.

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