Need Driver or Not For Barcode Scanner

- May 03, 2018-

           Need Driver or Not for Barcode Scanner

Do you need to install the driver for the barcode scanner? What software does the barcode scanner need to install?

The frequency of this problem appears very high.  Barcode scanners basically have three type interface, namely serial port (RS232), PS/2, and USB. The first two interface serial port (RS232) and PS/2 barcode scanners do not require drivers or software. USB interface is divided into three ways, namely USB keyboard mode, USB serial port mode and USB HID mode.

1) USB keyboard mode: This mode is similar to the USB keyboard. After the computer connected, the barcode scanner data will be input to the place where the cursor of the computer is, whether EXCEL, WORD, Notepad, etc., as long as the keyboard can input. Places can be, USB keyboard does not need to drive, natural USB keyboard mode scanner does not need to drive, probably more than 80% use this way.


2) USB serial port mode: This method is mainly used in factories or software where the serial port transmission mode is required. This method requires installation of a driver. This driver is a USB to serial chip driver, and some of them are divided into 32-bit drivers according to the system. And 64-bit drivers. If you want to scan the two-dimensional code containing Chinese must use the serial port to scan, if there is no corresponding software to receive data, you need the "COM_Text_V1.5 serial Chinese output tool" this little software, the serial port received data is transmitted to the cursor .


3) USB HID mode: This mode is similar to the USB serial port mode, and  also installed with drivers, and special software receives data from the HID interface.


Serial port barcode scanner can not use Notepad, EXCEL, WORD and other tools, you can use the computer's Hyper Terminal (XP system comes with computer, WIN7 does not have), or download the serial debugging assistant.

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