MVA panel

- Jun 13, 2019-

MVA panel can be said to be the earliest wide viewing angle technology. Its liquid crystal layer contains a kind of protrusion for liquid crystal molecules to adhere. Under the condition that no voltage is applied, the MVA panel looks just like traditional technology. The liquid crystal molecules are perpendicular to the screen. However, once the voltage is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are attached to the protrusions to form a state perpendicular to the surface of the protrusions. This technology effectively improves the response time and viewing angle of the LCD, and allows the viewing angle to reach 170. Above the degree, the contrast is also greatly improved, and the color display capability reaches 16.7M. Nowadays, this technology is also relatively mature, so the market penetration rate is relatively high. MAYA's white, Philips 190P7 and ViewSonic VX2025wm all use MVA panels.

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