Mobile payment shop, POS system chooses windows or Android?

- Nov 11, 2019-

With the massive invasion of the mobile Internet, people's consumption patterns have gradually changed. In the retail catering, identification, O2O, financial payment and other industries, the payment method of cash payment from the previous wallet has also evolved into the current mobile payment method of mobile phone code scanning payment.

With the rise of the mobile payment market, offline consumption scenarios bear the brunt. Especially in the high-frequency consumer industry, such as catering, business super, etc., how to deal with the new payment needs of consumer groups, create a fast and convenient cashier scenario, what kind of smart cash register do we need?

First, we can see that the market now has smart cash registers for Windows and Android. But as a merchant, we really don't know which system is more suitable for ourselves. Today, Tianbo Customization + give you the owner of the science:

Both Windows and Android systems support multiple stores, multiple cashiers, multi-terminal adapters, WeChat payment and Alipay payment, and offline UnionPay flash payment; zero hardware input cost is low, suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small retail catering The store and financial payment, O2O service industry, provide professional and systematic online and offline cashier solutions for merchants.

However, merchant stores and cash registers on the market have become more and more inclined to the Android system's smart cash registers. So, compared with the Windows cash register system, why is the Android system gradually gaining popularity?

1, configuration requirements

The Windows system requires the host to require higher parameters, while the Android system has relatively low requirements for parameters and can run smoothly. So in the case of the same parameter configuration, the Android system will have a better running experience.

2, stability

Android system's cash register opportunity to connect to the cloud platform, multiple data protection mechanisms to ensure data security and never lost, as long as the account is still available, you can find data; and some Windows systems are not genuine software, because there will be vulnerability risks will destroy the integrity of the data Sex.

3. Operational

Android system is simple to operate, the cash register comes with Android cash register software, the merchant opens the software to enter the account password and one-click login, it is as simple and convenient as operating WeChat, saving a lot of operation time. As a result, the cost of training for employees has also decreased. The operation of the Windows system is relatively complicated, and the merchant needs time to adapt to the interface, the training time is long, and the cost is high.

4, iterative update

In the past, when you need to update product information, you need to open the background through the web page, re-adjust the product information, and then the product information at the front desk will be updated. Nowadays, the Android system intelligent cash register terminal can directly update the product information on the touch screen, so that you can adjust the product marketing strategy in time according to the actual situation of the promotion.

In summary, the cash register of Android system has become more intelligent, user-friendly and personalized, which makes merchants more convenient and convenient in cashier management.

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