Market demand analysis of handheld inventory machines

- Nov 22, 2019-

First, the physical inventory of the warehouse

Inventory is the most important job in business management. It is to ensure that the quantity in the system is consistent with the number of objects. Through the inventory machine, you can make an inventory summary for each garment in the warehouse, and then transfer the inventory data back to the system to make a comparison. To ensure the accuracy of the data and the physical.

Second, the statistics of slow-moving goods

The backlog of warehouses in the apparel industry is a very headache. Through the statistics of slow-moving products, you can get the retention time of each product (subdivided into models, colors, sizes), you can quickly find out which products are slow-moving and off-season. It is convenient to provide accurate data, which is convenient for managers to make price reduction decisions, or to understand the best-selling products in the market and increase production.

Third, prevent agents from selling goods

This feature is especially useful for companies that sell with agents. The enterprise requires each product to be represented by a sole agent, and does not allow private exchange between agents, thus affecting the efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, it is the most difficult thing for the enterprise to check the authenticity and uniqueness of the agent product. In the software system, one of the main functions is to prevent the goods from being sold. Through this module, you can easily help companies to eliminate this drawback.

Fourth, the clothing out of the warehouse for re-examination

There are 2 kinds of clothing inspection and reexamination.

1 is the exchange between the various warehouses within the enterprise.

2 is the receipt and delivery of the store to each store.

Regardless of the form, the re-inspection module in the handheld inventory machine can guarantee the accuracy of the data in the process of entering and leaving the warehouse.

The most commonly used inbound and outbound clothing companies

The form is to check out the goods in the warehouse one by one through the paper entry and exit receipts. However, because the clothing industry is characterized by too many colors and varieties, the same clothes, because of the different color sizes, are different, so even if you check carefully, there will be omissions. Therefore, the data of the warehouse is affected accurately.

The working principle of the inbound and outbound rechecking module in the clothing inventory machine is: first download the inbound and outbound order to the handheld inventory machine, and the downloaded inbound and outbound order can be classified according to different single numbers, and the staff can check in and out of the warehouse. When selecting the inbound and outbound order that needs to be checked, and then start scanning the clothing bar code that needs to be in and out of the library. If it is a product that matches the inbound and outbound storage, the inventory machine works normally. If it is not a matching bar code, the inventory opportunity is treble alarm and prompts the piece. Clothing, not on the warehouse receipt, please strengthen the checkup. After the storage and exit, the staff can upload the check-in and check-up records on the handheld inventory machine to the computer, compare it with the electronics in the system, and print the corresponding difference table and statistics table.

Five, return management

Because the bar code of the clothing can be unique, it can be based on the pre-stored data in the database. When the store or the agent returns the product, the bar code can be used to distinguish whether the return is the product originally issued to them, and whether the returned product is true. This module can easily eliminate the return of mixed goods.

Six, out of stock alarm

This module is mainly used to check the sales of certain products, and find out the broken files or slow sales in time.

Because the clothing inventory machine has 1G or even 4G storage space, the overall data of the clothing can be downloaded to the inventory at any time. As long as any clothing barcode is scanned, the inventory interface can display the current storage of the garment. You can also set an alarm number according to your needs. Below this number or above, you can treble alarm and prompt the user to make a decision on replenishment or promotion.

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