Many supermarkets offer self-help cash register, pick up things and find machines to pay for them.

- Mar 21, 2019-

Reporters found that in some supermarkets in our city, there are several self-checkout devices beside the checkout counter. Consumers only need to scan the barcode of the purchased goods in front of the machine one by one, and then take out the mobile phone or bank card to complete the payment. The whole process is convenient and fast.

Yesterday morning at about 9:00 a.m., reporters in the new cooperation, Shoukang Yongle supermarkets and other cash desks to see that some citizens "give up" the manual cash desk, choose to side of the self-checkout equipment before payment. Reporters observed that as long as the bar codes of the goods purchased were paired to the scanning area, the price of the goods would immediately appear on the front screen. From the beginning of operation to the end of payment, if the purchase of goods is not much, the whole journey is less than 1 minute.

In the following half hour, the reporter found that many citizens pay through the self-service checkout terminal. When consumers encounter difficulties during use, supermarket staff will come forward to guide them to complete the payment.

"In the past, queuing for payment was very slow, especially during the peak period of shopping. It took more than ten minutes to queue up." Mr. Wang, a citizen who pays through the self-service checkout terminal, said that now he can complete the payment in less than one minute at a time, which he thinks is more convenient than the manual cash register.

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