Manufacturers have a clear understanding of the industrial tablet man-machine interface

- Apr 24, 2019-

Nowadays, in the era of high timeliness and high speed development, manufacturers need to configure the human-machine interface of industrial tablet PCs: the software interface is very clear, and it is believed that some manufacturers and buyers should not be very clear. These human-machine interfaces usually use food. , automatic testing equipment and medical equipment.

1. In fact, the automatic detection equipment industrial tablet requires a high-resolution screen; touch control, high test accuracy, stable operation, strong technical support; basically consistent with the equipment tablet; the frame needs industrial waterproof and dustproof; supports multiple serial ports . I believe that everyone needs to understand the basics when they use it.

2. Automatically detect the bottle through the positioning sensor, detect the arrival of the bottle, record the bottle identification number through the control unit, and record the current encoder signal. The positioning sensor notifies the camera to capture the current bottle image. After the photographing is completed, the image processor processes the image, and the image processor transmits the processing result to the human-machine interface for dynamic display on the one hand, and transmits the analysis result to the detection control unit for analyzing the data.

3. Input and display of data; real-time information display of the operating status of the system or equipment; setting the touch control on the HMI to control the HMI as an operation panel; alarm processing and printing; in addition, a new generation of automatic detection equipment industry The machine interface also has simple programming, intelligent processing of input data processing, data logging and recipes.

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