Linux Operating System

- Mar 02, 2018-

                    Linux Operating System

Linux operating system is a Cloning system,based on the UNIX operating system developed.


Linux is a free operating system, users can get it free through the Internet or other ways, and can modify its source code. This is something that other operating systems can not do. That's the reason that numerous programmers from all over the world are involved in the modification and compilation of Linux, and programmers can change it according to their own interests and inspiration. As a result, Linux has absorbed the essence of countless programmers and has grown.

Fully compatible with POSIX 1.0 standard

This makes it possible to run common DOS, Windows programs,through the corresponding simulator under Linux. This let users move from Windows to Linux. When many users are thinking about using Linux, and they will consider the previous programs running under Windows, which eliminates their concerns.

Multi-user, multi-tasking

Linux supports multi-user, each user has its own special rights for their file equipment,ensure that each user does not affect each other. Multi-tasking is one of the most important features of computers today, and Linux allows multiple programs to run simultaneously and independently.

Good UI

Linux has both a character UI and a graphical UI. In the character UI, the user can operate through the keyboard to input, and also provides an X-Window system similar to the Windows graphical UI, that users can use to manipulate the mouse, it can be said is a Linux version of Windows.

Rich network functions

Unix prosperity is based on the Internet, of course, its network functionality will not be inferior. Its networking capabilities is tied to its kernel, and Linux is superior to other operating systems in this regard. Users can easily web browsing, file transfer, remote login and other network work, and it can serve as a server to provide WWW, FTP, E-Mail and other services.

Reliable safety, stable performance

Linux has adoted a number of security technologies, including reading and writing access control, audit trails, core licensing and other technologies, which provide security for these. Due to the need to apply in the web server, Linux also has high stability requirements, in fact, Linux is also very good in this regard.

Support a variety of platforms

Linux can run on a variety of hardware platforms, such as those with x86, 680x0, SPARC, Alpha and other processors. In addition, Linux is an embedded operating system that runs on a handheld computer, set-top box or game console. The Linux 2.4 kernel,is fully capable of supporting the Intel 64-bit chip architecture,released in January 2001. At the same time,Linux also supports multi-processor technology. Multiple processors work simultaneously, greatly improving system performance.

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