LCD display is divided into four large parts

- Nov 13, 2018-

1. Power supply part: The maintenance of this part is the simplest and most common. The maintenance method is common and the components are common.

2. High voltage board: In fact, it is an electronic rectifier. The troublesome is the dedicated step-up transformer and control integrated circuit. Generally, the power input is directly supplied by 12V, another 5V is from the main board, and there is a brightness control voltage. Some machines have power-saving control, and the CPU is a high-low level control.

3. Signal conversion board - Main board: There are mainly three parts, CPU, power conversion, input signal processing integrated circuit, maintenance method and VCD motherboard are basically the same (I think), wearing parts are patch components - electricity It is easy to leak electricity, the board is easy to leak, etc. It is rare that the memory data is lost and the signal processing integrated circuit is damaged.

4. The most valuable part of the repair is it - the LCD screen, of course, the most difficult and quite dangerous. The maintenance technology is very demanding.

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