Know more about the 3D printer will be good for future

- May 06, 2019-

Have you heard the 3D prints ? We all know that there are 3D movies, it refers to the three-dimensional answer to the movie, and arranges a number of rays to reflect on the screen, giving people a false answer, and 3D TV and so on. They all refer to the transformation of the essay, and the 3D prints are greatly spurred. Hybrid and narration is the "copying of sticky", the secondary color of the material, with a wall of the father chemical material, layer by layer printed as a solid matter.

         We rushed to the sense of the print, the nameless is the printing machine, using the dynasty to print a wall of the father's paper documents, etc., it arranges the rubbing and other Syrian dynasty to redeem the plan. And the 3D prints are sent to the various fields, and it is connected with the radical manufacturing industry. What kind of domain does the 3D printbook use to send consciousness? In the process of ridiculous it will look forward to what kind of search? What is the 3D hitbook sent to go wrong? Take the road to scientific pursuit of these letters difficult to support the deadline!

       In the future, 3D prints will be sent, which is more advanced than the previous one. It is simply a cut of its use of the field. From the various productions and entertainment toys that have not been produced outside the industry, to the various instruments of the resume, it is probably the pseudo-dressing of the cultural and wild cartoon characters, the logo of the trade, and the buildings that are still dotted around the city. Wait, it doesn't matter if you use 3D to send it to the DPRK. It is true that it is very mysterious, just like changing the individual, giving the object a second death!

         However, it is not very effective to see the celebrities in front of the 3D prints. Because it is more expensive, it is only effective for a large-scale enterprise and research sites. It is difficult for a small business like a nameless company or a private company to comprehensively describe the individual business. The most endless answer is that it doesn't matter to diligent materials. You don't have a big field like a big father. You need to reduce the amount of money at the beginning. This fund points the money to buy materials, the staff and The names of unnamed workers are waiting. If there is a 3D printed copy, it is okay to be wet. It is not productive, and the weight reduction is reduced, and the maximum loss of cash loss is realized! On the contrary, its shortcomings are that the things that are printed into the dynasty are answered, the durability and the materials are all familiar, and it is not possible to describe the individual with the shape of the object, and the material you want to reduce is also very thick. These topics are all required to be handled!

        The 3D hits will be worthy of waiting for the value. In this generation of society, the words of rapid, large-scale, passive and unproductive are pursued by the action, and 3D hits are sent to the highest praise. People's needs.

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