Is it better to use a home computer or a desktop computer?

- Apr 15, 2020-

Advantages of integrated computer:

1. Space saving. Because of the less space occupied by the host, and more slim than the desktop, it can save more than 50% in space.

2. Simplicity. Many electronic components are integrated into the computer, so many complicated wiring methods are subtracted, and only one power cord is needed. (Reduced, speaker cable, camera cable, network cable, keyboard cable, mouse cable, etc.)

3. Energy saving. This all-in-one machine consumes one-third of the average desktop computer in terms of power consumption, and also has very little radiation. Therefore, the all-in-one computer is based on environmental protection.

4. Value integration. Can use the same price but can have multi-functional parts.

Disadvantages of computer integrated machine:

1. Because many parts need to be integrated inside the all-in-one machine, the configuration may be relatively weak, which can only meet some needs, and can not meet the higher requirements for some configurations.

2. I think that all the parts are integrated inside the integrated machine, so the heat dissipated by these parts is more, and the heat dissipation performance is very poor.

3. Because the space is limited, if you want to upgrade DIY, it will be more difficult

4. The scope of use is relatively narrow, daily office, business office can also cope, others are more reluctant.

Development trend of computer integrated machine

With the development of the trend, the all-in-one computer will definitely break through the traditional image and move closer to the brands Samsung and Apple, and its shortcomings can be overcome, but it takes time to update the technology. Whether it is a heat dissipation problem or a configuration problem, I believe it can be solved in the future. As for the comparison between the desktop computer and the all-in-one computer, I think it is still impossible to give a conclusive answer. It can only be said that the crowd is different, and the views held are also different. Personally, I still prefer the all-in-one computer because I think it is more fashionable.

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