Introduction to the working mode of industrial wireless scanner

- Oct 15, 2019-

The so-called scanning guns are visible in the manufacturing industry and in life. Usually, the scanning guns are divided into wired, wireless, Bluetooth and other scanning guns. Today, we will introduce the use mode of wireless scanners for everyone!

The first is scanning: in the scanning mode of the wireless scanner, the receiver constantly shifts the frequency in a fixed order to search for the frequency used by someone to transmit the signal. When the scanner is stopped at a given frequency, the light or panel display shows the channel or frequency being used. On some models of scanners, we can preset the frequency or manually on all models.

The second is manual scanning: wireless scanner in manual scanning mode, the user sets a frequency in the preset frequency band by tapping the button or turning the dial.

The third is search: the wireless scanner in the search mode, the receiver is set to search between two sets of frequencies in a given frequency band. This is useful when the customer does not know the fundamental frequency but wants to know which bands are being used in a certain area. If the user knows the frequency at which the scanner is stopped during the search, the frequency can be stored in the wireless scanner and used in scan mode.

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