Introduction to the advantages of the touch one machine

- Jul 12, 2019-

With the continuous innovation and upgrading of touch technology, the large-scale touch device is constantly updated, and the touch-one machine is a new generation of unique human-computer interaction touch-one computer products. Its function and good flexibility make many people like it very much. The company offers a lot of convenience. The touch all-in-one has many functions and is easy to operate. It can be operated with just a finger touch. So, what are the advantages of the touch all-in-one?

First of all, you can increase the visibility of the company. Many companies will place a touch-one machine in the lobby or at the front desk, so that customers can clearly see some products and company ideas when they enter the company, so that customers have more understanding of the company, which will greatly enhance the company's Image. In addition, many companies adhere to the concept of customer first, so they use a lot of touch-one machine to achieve human-computer interaction, so that customers' use and purchase experience is better, because the content and form of the touch-one machine is very rich, consumers The shopping experience is also very good, which can also speed up the consumer's desire to buy.

Second, the response is sensitive and fast. The reason why the touch all-in-one is so popular is that it responds very quickly. Modern people pursue a fast-paced lifestyle. Place the touch-one machine in the corporate conference room. When there are suggestions during the conference, you can directly operate on the all-in-one machine, which greatly improves the efficiency of the conference and the meeting atmosphere will be more active.

Finally, multi-touch functionality. Touch-in-one is not as simple as other electronic products. In terms of multi-touch, whether a touch-one can support multi-touch and support multi-touch will become a decisive factor in whether or not to seize market opportunities. Regardless of the dimensional ductility, operational stability, high transmittance of the LCD screen, or cost performance, infrared multi-touch technology is undoubtedly the best choice. The multi-point interactive software developed by the technologist can be fully applied with the large-size multi-touch integrated machine, which is also the development advantage of the future market.

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