Introduction of one of the monitor panels- TN panel

- Nov 07, 2017-

TN panel, its full name is Twisted Nematic panel. TN has become the most widely used entry-level LCD panel due to its low production cost. TN panel is characterized by fast deflection of liquid crystal molecules, so it is easy to improve in response time. But it's a little bit worse in the performance of the color. The TN panel is a soft screen, and if the hand is gently drawn, a similar watermark will appear. Due to the lack of visual angle, this type of panel display is gradually out of the mainstream market.



The advantage of TN panel is that the output of gray class is less, the deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules is fast, and the response time is easy to improve. The advantage of TN screen for game player is fast response, very low radiation level, the more important point is that the eyes are not easy to produce fatigue, so it is suitable for game player.



The disadvantage of the TN panel is that as a native 6Bit panel, the TN panel can only show red / Green / Blue 64 colors, and the maximum actual color is only 262.144 kinds. While the wide viewing angle panels are native 8bit color, so the transition is better. Addition of the TN panel is difficult to improve the contrast, so relatively TN color is pale, not gorgeous, and visual angle is smaller.

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