Introduction of one of the monitor panels(2) - IPS panel

- Nov 07, 2017-


IPS is the abbreviation of In-Plane Switching, the English meaning of flat screen conversion technology, commonly known as "Super TFT", is widely used in LCD and mobile phone screen display panel. In popular terms, the IPS screen is the screen using IPS technology. Compared to ordinary display screen, the IPS has more dynamic crisp and clearer display, also the visual effect is more outstanding. so when we choose LCD or smart mobile phone screen, IPS screen will have a better performance. Because of this, the general IPS screen LCD or smart phone, will become a major selling point often referred by businessmen.




1. Large viewing angle: IPS screen panel viewing angle can reach 178 degrees, the front view and different angles to watch the degree of change in color becomes the color twist rate, the value obtained is almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. It means that the effect of watching the screen from the front or the side is the same.


2. True color: this is also comprehensive show of the IPS screen color pillow features. IPS screen due to the color flip and brightness conversion performance, so you you can see the bright, saturated natural high-quality screen no matter from which angles.


3. Excellent picture quality: IPS screen can show the dynamic high-definition screen, especially suitable for motion image reproduction, no blur and smear. It is a good carrier for watching digital high-definition video and fast motion picture, such as competition and game box action movie.


4. Energy saving and environmental protection: IPS screen technology is more energy saving and environmental protection. As the liquid crystal molecules were more rational arrangement, reducing the thickness of the liquid crystal layer, thus changing the transmittance of the LCD screen, enhanced display, which allows the display panel thinner, and more power.


5. Color accuracy: IPS screen technology is welcomed by professionals, to meet more stringent requirements for color in the design, printing, aerospace and other professionals industry.





As the IPS screen using horizontal liquid crystal molecules arranged to increase the viewing angle while reducing the penetration of light. In order to better show the bright color will increase the brightness of the backlight, so the phenomenon of light leakage in the IPS screen is very common. With the increase in the screen, a large area of the edge of the problem of leakage has been IPS's criticism. As the IPS screen can not improve the penetration and enhance the practice of backlighting , which make it lose the competitive advantage in high contrast .

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