Introduction of magnetic card reader

- Oct 10, 2017-

Introduction of magnetic card reader


The magnetic card reader uses a magnetic carrier to record some information to identify cards for identity or other purposes. Depending on the difference of the substrates, magnetic card can be divided into PET card, PVC card and paper card. And depending on the difference of magnetic layer structure, magnetic card can be divided into magnetic stripe card and full coated magnetic card.


Magnetic card reader is composed of a physical shell, which fixed a magnetic head, some magnetic cards installed an electromagnet (called demagnetizer), as well as coding and decoding circuits, lights and other components.


Card reader process: the program issued a signal of reading card , then the magnetic head charged, amplified signal, magnetic card brush out of the signal, and the signal will be recorded, stored, and re-organized, and then sent to computer to confirm. if confirmed it is ok, then pass and output.


Card writer process: the program issued a signal of writing card, amplified signal, then the demagnetizer charged, magnetic head charged. When the magnetic card brush off , it will gone through the demagnetizer to delete all the contents at first , and then write the new contents through the head.

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