Introduction of Dvorak Keyboard

- Apr 04, 2018-

Introduction of Dvorak Keyboard

The Dvorak Keyboard is a keyboard arrangement that was designed by Auguste Dvorak and William Deely during the 1930s and which is the main rival of QWERTY.

After Dvorak and Dealey studied the appearance frequency of the letters and the physiology of the hands, this arrangement was established according to the following principles:

Taking English as the starting point of the design

Allows two hands to interact input

In order to achieve maximum speed and efficiency, the most commonly used letters and two-letters should be entered the most - they should be placed in the middle, where the index finger is placed.

The least frequently used letters should be in the lowermost row

The right hand should play more words because most people are right-handers.

It's even harder to use unconnected fingers to play two-letter letters.

The input should be gradually moved from the edge to the center

This arrangement was completed in 1932 and was obtained in 1936 by U.S. Patent No. 2,040,248.

In 1984, the Dvorak keyboard was estimated to have 100,000 users.

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