Introduction of all in one touch pos machine

- Sep 08, 2017-

All in One Touch POS machine does not need to use keyboard or mouse and other input devices to operate, completely through the touch input to work. It is installed in the display surface of a touch screen, you can receive touch and other input signal sensing, through the internal circuit into the corresponding signal from the built-in software system to make the interface response, can be a good alternative to the traditional mechanical panel buttons and keyboard and mouse operating.



Single-screen touch POS one machine is a common only one of the main screen of the POS machine, but it can also increase the expansion options, such as the actual needs can be added magnetic stripe card reader and customer display.


Dual-screen touch POS machine is a two-screen, a main screen, a vice screen. The main screen is to display the main user interface, and vice screen is as an advertising display, that is, businesses can display some of the goods on this screen advertising information, and support for dual-screen synchronization and asynchronous points. Synchronization is the two screens show the same data changes, and asynchronous is the two screen display data can not interfere with each other.



Performance characteristics

1. elegant appearance. The use of touch the integration of the European style, and support the shaft design, you can freely adjust the visual angle, the general POS machines are fixed, and this touch POS machine can adjust the angle of the screen.


2. Easy to maintain. Traditional POS machine connection is more complex, and not easy to dismantle, this touch POS machine modular design easy to dismantle the installation, the line can also be a good hide.


3. Super expansion. Touch POS one machine configuration flexible, rich interface, VGA, COM, USB, LTP and other ports, a strong expansion and compatibility to meet the various needs.

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